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CG Consulting (CGC)

CG offers many special services, including business registration and compliance, dispute resolution mediation and arbitration, debt collection and asset recovery, export and import product, and finance, management and negotiation. CG Executives are highly qualified and, often, the best in their profession and are working or have worked for renown corporations or government agencies. This allows CG to provide the "best of the best" to help its clients in specific strategic management and planning for successful results.

A) FIA (Chicago, Illinois and Washington, DC) is a joint operation of exclusive entities that are experts in information investigation and legal services, which are fully licensed and certified by the National Judgment Network and a member of the ACA in the USA and the International Association of Commercial Collectors to research background, financial ownership, and location of a person or company. Since 1996, we have been finding persons and companies, verifying identities, searching for personal and corporate assets and financial information, collecting debts, and providing legal services. Currently, we are servicing debts of $1,000 or more for some of the largest companies, law firms, and government entities of debt collection and asset recovery in the USA in addition to successful debt recovery in Canada, Mexico and other countries in business loans, credit cards, medical billings, property rents, returned bank checks, utility bills, government and lawsuit judgment payments. Our experts are using the highly advanced technology of intelligence resources to gather and analyze information in order to locate and take legal action with our agents, associates, and attorneys in the recovery of debts and assets, providing the best service possible for our clients. CG with the support of EDR provides legal, research information, debt collection, and debt recovery services for our clients.

B) CSC / Incorporate (Wilmington, Delaware) was founded in 1899 and is a worldwide operation and is one of the largest business consulting companies in the USA. We have a wide range of corporate services for low costs, and the largest accounting, law and financial companies, small businesses, and individuals have our award-winning services, including which include filing corporations, formation of all types of companies, registered agent services, corporate kits, publications, trust and escrow agent services, and credit card processing services. In addition, our award-winning services include a "corporate veil" guarantee insurance for properly registering companies and being a registered agent in any state in the USA and/or other countries (e.g., Canada and Mexico). CG supports the operation of CSC / Incorporate to give our clients the best service.